Best Gun Safes

If you are serious about your firearms collection, then serious protection is definitely available. More importantly, there is an enormous degree of legal and moral responsibility on firearms owners to ensure their firearms are not used inappropriately.

Best Over-Under Shotgun for Sporting Clays

Sporting clays is one of the three disciplines behind clay pigeon shooting. As opposed to skeet (clay pigeons thrown from houses at either end of a half-moon field) or trap (clay pigeons thrown from a house in the center of a half-moon field), sporting clays involves walking a field where various targets will be presented in a variety of fashions.

The Difference Between Trap and Skeet

Both trap shooting and skeet shooting are separate disciplines in the three-discipline sport of competitive clay pigeon shooting. The remaining discipline not discussed in this article is called sporting clays. Though all three disciplines notably involve shooting spinning clay discs with shotguns, each discipline differs in how the clay pigeons are delivered (‘thrown’).

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