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Under the bed gun safes are a great way to utilize otherwise wasted space, while also giving you secure access to your firearms without having to lug a heavy safe to your bedroom.

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I don’t know what resides under your bed, but it’s likely shoes, random stuff you’ve forgotten about or just dust bunnies. Regardless of what’s under there now, underneath your bed is prime real estate to also securely store your firearms. Now, we don’t mean just shoving them under there and calling it a day. As always, we advocate the proper secure storage of firearms, and in this case, we will introduce you to the best under the bed gun safes.

Do I need a safe?

Every discussion on gun safes always starts with this question right here. Whether we are discussing wall safes, car safes or under the bed gun safes, the skeptical consumer always looks at the price and asks, “Do I really need that?” As always, the answer is a definitive ‘absolutely’. 

Firearms are many things to many people, but there is no getting around the fact that firearms are both valuable and dangerous. 

With proper care and maintenance, firearms will easily outlive their original owners and become family heirlooms to pass on to subsequent generations. And, unlike nearly anything else a consumer can buy, firearms nearly always increase in value as they age. As technology changes and manufacturing processes advance, the firearms manufactured in ‘the good ole days’ will always have enduring value. And since the internal parts of a firearm are metal, the likelihood is that the firearm will still perform its designed function at any point in the future.

So any good firearms owner knows that protecting a firearm from unintended damage and the elements is critical to a long life. Part and parcel to that is also protecting the firearm from fire and floods. More importantly, however, firearms owners need to protect their guns from theft. 

As we’ve discussed, guns are valuable both as commodities but also as tools of crime. Having a working gun in their possession increases a criminal’s ability to do harm, and that makes firearms highly sought-after prizes in burglaries. Burglars may even target a residence they know contains guns just to steal those guns. Unfortunately, simply hiding your guns will not prevent them from being stolen, as burglars generally make it a practice of burglarizing many places. They have a lot of practice finding hidden items.

Finally, firearms owners need to protect their firearms from being used accidentally. Children possess never-ending curiosity and creativity, which unfortunately makes them highly capable of finding hidden guns and ‘playing’ with them. Tragically, this very often results in needless deaths when the firearms function as designed. To help combat this, many U.S. states have enacted laws that require firearms be locked up when not in use. Failure to do so may result in criminal penalties. 

So we’ve covered the bases that firearms owners need a safe. What makes an under the bed safe better than any other safe?

Under the Bed Gun Safe vs. Other Safes

In general, gun safes will fall into one of two categories: small portable safes and heavy safes that you bolt down. 

The small portable safes are the type typically found in bedrooms and offices. They are lightly armored and small enough to fit in desks, nightstands and next to beds. The design purpose of this small safe is to safely store a firearm for short periods of time, such as when arriving home at the end of the day. The small portable safe gives the daily gun carrier a place to store their firearm away from children, but still accessible for the next day. Because these safes are light and portable, however, a thief will simply take the entire safe during a burglary and open it in a safer location, so temporary storage is the name of the game.

Rifle, or long-gun safes, are usually much heavier than smaller desk safes. Much heavier. A typical portable safe may be 20 or so pounds while a rifle safe can weigh upwards of 1,500 pounds. Because it’s much more difficult to conceal such a large safe, these safes draw their security from inches of steel and concrete that make it very hard to forcibly open. Additionally, these safes are designed to be bolted to the floor, making them even harder to remove without a lot of tools, noise, and people. 

The downside to these two safe types should be evident. The smaller portable safes are not secure enough for long term storage, and the large rifle safes are generally too heavy to get to the upstairs bedrooms. 

Under the bed gun safes, however, are specifically designed to address this gap in options. 

Under the Bed Gun Safe

Like we discussed above, large rifle safes are enormously heavy and well-protected, but also terribly obvious and not very aesthetically pleasing. And portable safes are usually not large enough to store rifles, nor do many people regularly take a rifle with them wherever they go, meaning ‘temporary’ storage is not being used.

Under the bed gun safes are designed to fit in the space under your bed where the dust bunnies live. Many are designed to be bolted to the floor or to the bed and, when opened, either slide out as a drawer or open with a door. This means the person sleeping in the bed, can readily access their rifle or shotgun while in their bedroom, without having to worry about the firearm being accessible to children, or having to lug a 2,000lb rifle safe into their bedroom. 

Many of these under the bed gun safes open with either a key lock, a combination lock or a biometric (fingerprint) lock. Regardless of the lock type, under the bed gun safes provide a level of protection above that found in the portable safes but below that found on the heavy rifle safes. Under the bed gun safes are a compromise of access, location, and protection.

Best Under the Bed Gun Safe

When considering an under the bed gun safe, the wise firearm owner should be assessing how many firearms they need to keep in the safe, whether they intend on buying more firearms in the future, and how much they would like to spend on the safe. Also worth considering is how much space the safe will take up and, in the instance of safes with drawers, whether the drawer will have enough space to open fully. 

MonsterVault Underbed Vault – $685.00

With a catchy name like “Monstervault” who wouldn’t want it under their bed? Clever marketing names aside, this 140lb ‘monster’ is constructed of cold-rolled steel (11-gauge top and bottom, and 7-gauge on the sides), that promises to keep your firearms out of any unwanted hands. The door is secured by a combination keypad with backup key and promises to open in less than 2 seconds; meaning your firearms will be easily accessible if needed.

The interior of the MonsterVault is composed of a large drawer that rolls out on heavy duty drawer slides. A soft lining protects your firearms from wear and the entire safe is designed to be bolted to the floor for extra peace of mind. At 48” long, the MonsterVault should easily store most rifles and shotguns and the 28” of depth allows other items to be stored alongside. 

AMSEC DV652 – $457.00

In the realm of home safes, American Security (AMSEC) is well-known as a top manufacturer; the DV652 is no exception. Built of 14-gauge steel, the DV652 was specifically designed to fit under beds with less room available. At only 6” high, the DV652 will fit underneath nearly any bed, providing the security and access expected of other safes in a smaller package.

After entering the correct code on the backlit keypad, the 5-point locking bar releases the door and the foam-lined drawer slides out, granting easy access to the firearms inside. Designed to be bolted to the floor, the DV652 comes with the anchoring hardware needed to make sure no one walks off with your safe and guns. 

Hornady 98190 Rapid Safe – $199.00

The Hornady 98190 Rapid Safe is constructed like many of the other safes found on this list. 16-gauge steel encloses a soft-lined interior, all secured by four hardened locking lugs. The interior of the safe can be configured based on owner preference and the safe can be securely bolted to the floor.

Where the Rapid safe stands apart from the crowd is in access. The locking mechanism on the Rapid safe is designed to be operated by RFiD technology. Essentially, RFiD technology is a properly configured chip and receiver that respond when placed in close proximity with each other. In the case of the safe, the chip can be placed in any number of different every-day items and will unlock the safe (via the receiver) when placed next to the safe. While seemingly futuristic, RFiD technology has been in use for decades and is the backbone of a lot of consumer items we use commonly today.

Use that Space Under Your Bed

Under the bed gun safes are a great way to utilize otherwise wasted space, while also giving you secure access to your firearms without having to lug a heavy safe to your bedroom. By bolting the safe down to the floor, permanent storage can be created in a space where there otherwise may not be any solid options. 

Regardless of the safe you choose, the key takeaway is that firearms owners need a safe. Owning firearms is a right that comes with enormous moral responsibility. Protect your firearms from theft, but most importantly, protect the people you love from accidents. 


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